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Slim Maker [ Special Edition ]

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Slim Maker:
The ab exerciser targets specific muscles of your body to build your fitness. Rowing movements of this exerciser trims and tones your abdominal muscles and strengthens your arms, legs, hips and thighs. It burns extra calories, melts away your abdominal fat around your waist to give you a flat and firm stomach. The exerciser also functions as a hand gripper. Grip the inner handle and pull. It exercises your arms, wrists, fingers, forearms simultaneously
Tummy Twister
This tummy twister helps you to tone up your body and be in shape by twisting this disc twice a day for 10 minutes daily.
Slim Maker Twister
Tummy twister helps in tighten up your muscle and reduce body fat. It also works as waist trimmer and tummy trimmer and makes your tummy and body in attractive shape.
Health care Twister
This tummy twister or rotating disc helps in circulating the blood equally in whole body and maintain your blood pressure.
Twister exerciser
Portable Fitness Equipment:
The ab exerciser is portable fitness equipment that can be used in your home or gym comfortably. It comes fully assembled for immediate use. The steel springs can be removed easily and put back on the expander. It is beneficial for beginners and advanced users.
tummy twister
Make your body muscles more strong and get an amazing physique with this tummy twister from the house of Oddi.This tummy twister helps you to burn your calories and make you help for developing a flat stomach It also works simultaneously on your abs and core muscles by melting your fatThis twister can be used to tighten your legs, bellies and back.The plast material of this twister firmer your forearms, sleeves and fingers and provides a good Foot grip.
Manual  Twister
The stability disk has a diameter of 33 cm and is suitable for people of any size. It consists of high-quality, non-slip, abrasion-proof Material (PVC), is skin-friendly and phthalate-free. The air cushion is not only easy to transport, but also easy to store in your desk drawer after when not in use. Be it in the office, out and about or at home, the balance cushion is a perfect allrounder.
With the SLYK wobble cushion include air-filled aid that supports you in your individual training and therapy. Because our priority is manufacturing high-quality products, we offer you a first-rate balance cushion, that enriches your balance training and can be integrated very easily into your day-to-day routine.
Twister with Perfect design
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