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Motion Sensor Light™ [1 Year Warranty]

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Upgrade your home with instant smartness!
Now you can move around your home safely at night without any fear of darkness. The lights will automatically turn on as you walk, so no more fumbling for switches when heading to the bathroom or kitchen.
The infrared sensor, with real-time 0-second responsiveness, instantly triggers the light, covering a range of up to 20 feet (6 meters) and a wide 120° angle.

The motion sensor initiates a gentle light for a minimum of 25 seconds, automatically switching off when no further motion is detected.
Automatic Lighting for Every Room
Our motion-activated light is easy on the eyes and ideal for any room and situation, especially at night or in the dark when you prefer a soft, gentle glow.
Our sensor light is particularly handy for those midnight trips – whether you're searching for clothes, moving to another room, heating up a snack, or picking a book to read. Its soft radiance won't disturb your partner or wake the baby.
So Simple to Set Up!

1. Charge the motion light using a USB cable.

2. Stick the magnetic patch to your chosen spot on the wall.

3. Fasten the motion light onto the magnetic patch.

4. Activate the automatic motion sensor light.

5. When it's time to recharge, just take the light off and put it back when it's ready.
Change Lighting Modes Effortlessly!
Our motion light offers flexibility with its various lighting options. You can switch between the automatic sensor light, activate the always-on light, or simply turn the light off, all using a convenient switch on the side.
Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery!
Our motion light is cordless and includes a built-in battery that can keep it running for up to 3 months on just one charge. Plus, it only takes less than 2 hours to recharge using the provided USB cable. This not only saves you from constantly buying and changing batteries but is also great for the environment.
Ideal Gift Choice!
Our innovative motion sensor light makes for a fantastic gift and is adored by customers worldwide. Whether you want to pleasantly surprise your partner, family, friends, or coworkers with a thoughtful and practical present, your search ends here. We offer worldwide shipping for your convenience!
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